The E-Series Bike Shelters

Monarch’s E-Series uses an innovative design to provide an economical and environmentally-friendly bike shelter. The E-Series bike shelters are designed with engineering durability to create bike shelters that require less maintenance and are easy to install. Our bike shelters are visually appealing and provide an attractive option for any contractor or municipality in need.

The E-Series bike shelters forgo the visible fasteners and bolts seen in our Urban line and require minimal on-site assembly, providing lots of cost savings.

These economical bike shelters don’t compromise on quality and are resistant to the harshest of weather conditions. The mechanically sealed roof employs a drainage system capable of handling severe rain. The structure is sturdy enough to sustain harsh wind, snow and seismic loads. All our bike shelters can be enclosed and illuminated as an option.

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  • Multiple side and roof material options including solar and LED lighting.
  • A variety of configurations that can be customized with colour and other distinctive options, including logos or custom branding.
  • Post-production expansion to accommodate increased storage

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