About Us

We are Dependable by Design™.

Monarch ensures dependable design, manufacturing and installation from our experienced and reliable team of experts, showcased through our lasting and enduring products that stand the test of time.

Through excellence in design and build, versatility in our products, and end-to-end solutions, we exist to shelter communities and spark connections in shared spaces, making a lasting impact on people, businesses, and the planet.

In a time where so much is disposable, we stand out by building products that endure. We take pride in creating custom outdoor street-level structures that blend into their natural surroundings; like great landscaping, our shelters quietly influence cities, schools and parks, adding the finishing touch to master plans.

Our professional team is dedicated to completing your project on time and on budget, providing complete transparency on the progress of your project, and maintaining our responsibility to the environment through manufacturing and installation.

Monarch was founded in 1999 under the name Lucid Management Group (LMG). As one of North America’s leaders in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of premium quality street-level furniture and shelters, we re-branded to become Monarch in 2020. This rebrand has allowed Monarch to embody our vision of being Dependable by Design. Monarch is a private employee-owned company focused on serving our clients with superior design and value engineering, environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices, and employee-focused culture.

Our commitment to our Social Purpose and why we exist sets us apart, and we are proud of the way our Core Values informed our Purpose.

  • Integrity – We work together with the best interests of our clients at the forefront of our minds and act with integrity when working alongside suppliers, vendors, partners, clients, and our team.
  • Attitude – We all make coffee. That means we all pitch in to get a job done to meet a tough timeline because we are in this together. On our team, everyone contributes, from strategy and execution to making the coffee for those early mornings and long nights.
  • Accountability – We are proud to be part of one team and promote a well-run organization where we care for each other and feel a sense of ownership and accountability for all of the good work that Monarch produces.
  • Curiosity – At Monarch, we reward curiosity. As a team and individually we look for a better way to accomplish tasks and approach issues.
  • Respect – We respect our people, our planet, and our work. We fully understand how every action contributes to or distracts from this deep and overarching sense of respect.

Our Proven Process

How we do anything, is how we do everything!

Driven by our core values, the proven process is part of our ongoing philosophy to offer tailor-made solutions that guarantee the highest standards even in harsh climates. The consistent process leads to excellence in everything we do and reinforces our position as the region’s ultimate street level furniture and shelters brand. From delivery to installation on time, the key role is to create synergy through close coordination with our wide-ranging stakeholder base.

One Team

The entire team at Monarch is committed to serving our clients from concept to long after installation.

When you work with Monarch, you’ll work with a team of experts at every stage of your project, from concept and design to manufacturing and installation. Our diversified team of experts across North America delivers outstanding service and products that our clients can depend on. We design structures that will stand the test of time and provide ongoing support and maintenance that ensure the organizations we serve continue to impact their communities positively.

Dependable by Design

Powered by EOS

Since 2019 we’ve been working closely with the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to grow our business. Thanks to our partnership, the Monarch Leadership team is more aligned around the vision of business with improved communication and trust. As a result of an honest communication loop, we are now more focused on the issues that can improve our growth and development.

Meet the Team

It only takes a single visionary to start a company, but it requires a group of like-minded professionals to sustain one.

Ivan Otasu, P. ENG.,
Senior Engineer

Monarch’s Senior Engineer is the most recent addition to our team, he brings an abundance of flexibility to what we can do. Ivan is highly motivated and as he says ‘a good-looking professional’, passionate about lean manufacturing, value engineering as well as design and development of innovative products.

Ivan Otasu, P. ENG.,<br />
Senior Engineer

Trevor Sandberg,
Director of Operations

Trevor was born and raised in Kelowna, BC and graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Administration from Okanagan College. When not wrangling the best from his operational team here at Monarch, he enjoys playing golf, travelling to new places, and spending time with friends and family.

Trevor Sandberg,<br />
Director of Operations

Carol Ann Mueksch,
Director of Project Management

Carol Ann is a founding manager of Monarch, and has a profound influence on the excellence of product, process and people development. Her experience, clarity of thought, and ability to take action epitomizes our core values. Carol Ann loves to spend time outdoors enjoying nature with her family.

Carol Ann Mueksch,<br />
Director of Project Management

Rukshana Khan

Rukshana has over 30 years of experience in Business Administration and Finance, with nearly 20 of those years at Monarch – she knows the business of our business inside and out. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge motivate her and her team to achieve and often exceed our targets. When not playing with numbers, she loves managing an under 18 Girls Soccer Team with BC Soccer League in which her two daughters play and loves to laugh and spend time with friends and family.

Rukshana Khan<br />

Mike McIsaac,

Mike is a passionate business leader who is always willing to share his experiences, knowledge and ideas. He is a trusted and valued business advisor, partner and friend. Mike’s role within Monarch is to lead the management team towards achieving our vision. His positive attitude is contagious, and he leads by example - as seen when he makes coffee or cleans up the yard. Mike is married to Monika and they have 3 beautiful, active children.

Mike McIsaac,<br />

Social Purpose

Why Monarch exists.

Monarch exists to Shelter Communities and Spark Connections in Shared Spaces.

As a values-driven business, we are implementing our social purpose through our involvement with United Way’s Social Purpose Institute. As part of the process, we have prioritized three societal issues that we can address, just by doing business:

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Serving Aging Populations
  • Climate Change

Monarch places a high priority on protecting and preserving natural resources, reducing our carbon footprint, and contributing to environmental sustainability at every stage of the design, manufacture, and installation process.

Whenever possible, we encourage our fabrication and manufacturing facilities to:

  • Use recycled steel, plastic and packaging in fabrication;
  • Recycle paper, metal, plastic and wire used in manufacturing;
  • Recycle and filter paints and solvents;
  • Reduce energy consumption and solid waste;
  • Use no hazardous wastes;
  • Source wood products from sustainable forests; and
  • Use water-soluble inks.

Monarch products are designed and manufactured with future generations in mind, to protect our environment for generations to come. We work to design and produce our structures to have a low environmental impact, offering solar panels and other innovative technologies to reduce our impact on the environment.

Client Testimonials

“Our priority is to keep our customers safe and make transit more accessible. Shelters are the first point of contact our customers have with transit and they must be inviting, well lit, and provide adequate protection from the elements. They also need to stand the test of time. We have worked with Monarch to design shelters that provide comfort in even the harshest of environments – shelters installed more than 10 years ago are still standing and look as good as the day we installed them.”

Kristen M, BC Transit

“The team at Monarch makes project delivery easy. They have the in-depth knowledge and experience required to see a project through, from concept to installation. We often have a tight timelines and working with Monarch we've never missed a deadline. Their team can be relied upon to provide fresh thinking and are able to troubleshoot and provide solutions to almost anything.”

Kristen M, BC Transit

“Monarch provided a custom built bus shelter for the Brighouse Bus Mall, in Richmond. The style of the bus shelter was chosen to fit in with the surrounding architecture. Monarch were able to have the shelter completed on time despite a very busy work site and an aggressive construction schedule. Translink were very happy with the completed bus shelter.”

Mark C., Aplin Martin

“It doesn't matter if it's the crack of dawn, late at night or raining cats and dogs, the people at Monarch show up. You can count on them to get a project done and done right. They took care of all of the permitting, on site assessments, coordination with other contractors and site construction. They were professional and prepared. Monarch planned and evaluated each step to a successful completion. We’ve enjoyed working with the Monarch team.”

Pete D., Storguard

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