Bus Shelter Manufacturers

We strive to make your products and services outstanding

Monarch designs, manufactures, and installs covered shelters that are made of durable material and sound structure to protect people and equipment. They keep people safe from the elements like wind, rain and snow. Their stylistic designs also enhance and complement their surroundings and other landscape architecture. Monarch builds covered shelters that make use of renewable energy sources. Products like the solar bus shelter, make us one of the world’s most innovative bus stop shelter manufacturers.

We strive to make your products and services outstanding

Monarch is a billboard and advertising displays manufacturer consisting of a professional team of Project Managers who oversee all aspects of manufacturing from the conceptual design through to the final installation of your advertising displays and outdoor billboards. Our superior quality control web-based project management system benefit you. 

Monarch designs, manufactures and installs shelters for large-scale nationwide projects. Additionally, Monarch does individual custom projects for specific municipal areas. We recently provided new transit shelters for both the City of Miami and the City of San Francisco. And, we are currently designing and manufacturing transit shelters for BC Transit throughout British Columbia.

Our covered shelter products include:

  • Bike shelters / Cycle Shelters
  • Break Shelters
  • Outdoor Smoking Shelters
  • Shopping Cart Shelters
  • Solar Powered Bus Shelters
  • Transit Shelters
  • And More Covered Shelters

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