Fort Saskatchewan – Heater Park and Ride

Monarch was awarded the project for the design, supply and installation of three T-Series Station Shelters at the Fort Saskatchewan Park and Ride located in Alberta, Canada, located 25 kilometres (16 mi). Northeast of Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan is part of the Edmonton census metropolitan area and is one of 24 municipalities that comprise the Capital Region Board (CRB).

As with all of our transit shelters, the design is completely modular and engineered for future expansions or add-ons. For example, solar panels could be incorporated to form the roof substrate. Whether the design calls for tempered glass or acrylic, natural lighting or energy-efficient LED illumination, our pressure-fit mechanically-sealed roof system allows for any number of materials to be used. Our shelters are highly adaptable to the surrounding location and easily maintained.

The project was completed on schedule, with the transit shelters installed by Mar 2018.

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