Kelowna RapidBus Shelter Program

Sunny Kelowna, BC, Canada is welcoming the Kelowna RapidBus Project, featuring a transit network with many feeder routes. Located along the stunning Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is home to countless locals and tourists who utilize the transit shelters throughout the city. Kelowna is recognized as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in all of Canada.



Along the main transit routes are Monarch’s LED-lit, modular, extendable, and pre-assembled transit shelters and stations, with an optional solar-powered roof. Improved transit shelters became a top priority with the expanding use of services.


In a combined effort between the City of Kelowna, BC Transit, and the provincial and federal governments, the RapidBus project was initiated as part of the region’s ongoing Central Okanagan Transit Future Plan. This collective required a partner who was capable of managing every aspect of the required new transit shelters’ implementation.


Monarch was responsible for developing 14 new transit shelters for placement throughout the city, which included three major transit centres located at the Westbank Towne Centre, Mount Boucherie, and UBCO.


With a large part of the proposed route running along Okanagan Lake, we factored in high volumes of passenger boardings. These volumes necessitated our type 3 and type 5 transit shelter models. By using Monarch’s modular, extendable, and pre-assembled transit shelters, the city would be able to easily expand the size of each shelter post-production if required. The Monarch concept allows additional sidewalls and tempered glass panels to be added as well.


Kelowna is prone to temperatures averaging 30 degrees C (or 86 degrees F) in the summertime. For this reason, we integrated solar roof panels into several units, allowing a renewable energy source to power the shelters’ overhead LED lights. Solar-powered LED lights require 5 times less energy than standard fluorescents, making it both an environmentally conscious and wise business decision. The solar kit we provide is entirely self-sustainable and is an available option with all of our transit shelters.

Despite its mild weather reputation, Kelowna is susceptible to heavy snowfalls and below-freezing temperatures in the winter. Fortunately, our shelters are engineered to handle the harsh weather extremes faced by many North American cities (Monarch also includes considerations for seismic activity).

All of our transit shelters are designed with the needs of travellers in mind, this means providing a comfortable waiting area for passengers that will protect them from the elements. Our overhead aluminum cladding incorporates a high-quality polycarbonate mechanically-sealed roof system. This system serves as an internal drainage system and diverts water directly to the underground storm drain via the structure’s posts. Kelowna’s transit patrons are invited to keep dry in a space that manages precipitation in a highly efficient manner.


Monarch products not only provide a more durable and reliable transit structure, but they also keep up appearances. Non-corrosive metal posts and perforated, vandal-resistant side walls will help reduce unsightly wear and tear. Our modern cantilever design offers residents an aesthetically pleasing appearance. More importantly, this styling provides optimum visibility for transit riders. Monarch’s transit shelters come in a variety of colours and seamlessly integrate into the branding of any municipality or transit authority. The Douglas fir wood benches and soffits complement B.C.’s strong connection to the forestry industry. All of the components used in this project were made from recyclable materials.


The first phase of development began on September 5, 2010. Monarch is proud to report that the RapidBus project came in on time, and on budget. Our work set the standard for all future phases of Kelowna’s transit initiative.











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