San Francisco – Transit Shelter Program

San Francisco, California is one of the most iconic cities in the entire world. Recognized for its cable cars, hilled neighbourhoods and Golden Gate Bridge, the city remains a technological hub, rich in cultural interests. What better place to showcase the latest in transit shelter innovation!

In 2007, San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) partnered with the out-of-home advertising giant Clear Channel to sponsor a competition that would re-imagine the look of the city’s transit shelters. San Francisco’s Lundberg Design beat out 35 other submissions to win the contract. Our stakeholders required a turn-key provider who could bring this fresh concept to fruition. Our team was responsible for overseeing the production of 1,100 new transit shelters. A completion date was set for 2013.

Monarch’s modular approach to construction blended seamlessly with the sophisticated new design. Featuring the latest advances in sustainable technology, these new shelters would be a far cry from the typical North American bus shelter. Features would include:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • A beacon device for signalling approaching buses
  • Wireless routers enabling online access for travellers
  • NextBus displays with intercoms for the visually impaired

Monarch, along with 3form Materials Solutions and Konarka Power Plastic, was responsible for developing a polycarbonate roof structure embedded with photovoltaic cells. The resulting solar roof would power each shelter’s components, and permit excess power to be fed back into the city grid. With sustainability being a top priority, the roof and structural metals were also composed of recycled material, as high as 70% in the steel beams.

The eye-catching wave on top of the shelter is a testament to the project’s overall unique vision. Monarch’s mechanically sealed roof system permits any type of substrate to be used. Our product’s versatility opens up a world of possibilities for designers. The striking red colouring (also produced in Amber) evokes San Francisco’s coastal geography, just as the shelter’s steel beams reference the city’s famous bridges.

Monarch’s products allow for creative expression and flexibility. Our modular templates could easily adapt to meet the challenges imposed by San Francisco’s formidable topography. Mayor Gavin Newsom unveiled the first operational shelter with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in June of 2009.

It’s easy to see why the completed shelters received so many positive accolades in the press (Fortune, Popular Mechanics). Award-winning and crowd-pleasing, these shelters changed the way people viewed sustainable energy and public transit in the Bay Area.

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