Design Engineering Services

Where form and function meet to deliver cutting-edge designs

The use of 3D CAD software is the most effective way of analyzing designs in the architectural environment. The analysis of different components using this software allows for a thorough review prior to prototype manufacturing. Monarch is committed to using environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art design innovations whenever possible.

Structural safety of the design is of paramount importance and all designs and materials are based on the structural stability of our products. We engineer all our products to ensure that they meet or exceed the local requirements for all environmental standards.

As with any new product, valuable feedback is gained from thoroughly inspecting the initial prototype that is manufactured, where key issues are identified, discussed, and resolved.

After the initial prototype is completed, Monarch provides a post-prototype design review prior to the mass production of products. The entire Monarch management team reviews all of the designs to ensure that any issues arising from the prototyping have been addressed prior to manufacturing.

Our design engineering services include:

  • 3D Structural Model Analysis
  • Slim Line Effective Structural Application
  • Modularity to add functional units if and when required
  • Fast Offsite fabrication which minimizes on-site interruption
  • Fast Operational Access
  • Energy Efficient Lighting

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