University of Victoria Transit Exchange

In 2011, BC Transit initiated a new campus transit plan for the University of Victoria (UVic). With 17,000 passengers relying on bus service every day getting them to and from school, and with up to 50 buses operating on the campus at any given time, measures for improvement were demanded. This proposal explored a variety of long and short-term options.

With input from the Victoria Regional Transit Commission, UVic officials and the UVic Students’ Society, a series of renovations were slated for 2014. Upgrades would include ten new transit bays for the expanded exchange located near the Student Union Building. New bus shelters, covered bike racks and better lighting would all play a part in updating the transportation service.


As a recognized leader in the development of street furniture, outdoor shelters, and commercial benches, Monarch was contacted to contribute our trusted expertise. We handle the design, manufacture and installation of all our products. For this project, we ended up supplying several of our Woodlands T-Series transit shelters. This included our TP 1521 and TP1522 models to accommodate the large volumes of ridership. The TP1542 covered shelter along with the new bike holders would serve as a further incentive for people travelling with pedal power.




Monarch is committed to sustainability at every stage of a project’s development. All of our shelter components feature recycled materials. The Woodlands T-Series’ cantilevered design facilitates non-intrusive installation. Its appearance can always be customized, as there are a number of substrate and soffit choices available. The energy-efficient LED light bars are designed to blend in seamlessly with the soffit assembly. The UVic team opted for transit system icons and tempered-glass side and back panels to complete the appearance. Our unique high-quality polycarbonate mechanically-sealed roof assembly system enables proper drainage, eliminating any need for sealants or caulking.




The new and improved UVic transit exchange was unveiled on September 4, 2014, just in time for the start of the Fall semester. With the right partners in place, the new shelters were realized in a timely fashion. Monarch’s contributions to the new exchange will serve UVic students well into the foreseeable future.


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