The Timber Series Bike Shelter

The Timber Series is the high-end alternative to conventional bike shelters.  These models forgo the visible fasteners and bolts seen in our Urban line and require a minimal amount of on-site assembly.

Fully cantilevered, the Timber Series makes the most of its minimal surface area.  This design allows for greater access while minimizing ongoing maintenance requirements. The sealed roof employs a drainage system capable of handling severe rain. The structure is sturdy enough to sustain harsh wind, snow and seismic loads.

Local wood accents complement the structural steel framework and extruded aluminum cladding, resulting in a warm, inviting feel. Monarch has designed wood slat with LED soffits—the only architectural fixtures available in the transit shelter industry.

The Timber Series doesn’t limit your options; there are a number of different materials and soffit choices available. All our covered bike shelters can be enclosed and illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs, with the double tier roof system concealing any electrical components used.

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  • Local wood accents including slats, soffits and structural laminated beams can be incorporated into the design
  • Multiple side and roof substrate options including solar and LED lighting
  • A variety of configurations can be customized with colour and other distinctive options, such as logos or custom branding
  • Modular design provides maximum flexibility and extendibility, with minimal inventory requirements
  • Available in 20′ and 40′ lengths

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