Curved Benches

Our curved benches are designed to maximize the use of your space, while also contributing to your location’s overall design. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated through the use of local or recycled materials. Customization options are endless and can incorporate your logo, branding, or plaques.

Depending on the material chosen for the bench slats, a range of customization options may be available, including colour.  Custom colour matches can be made to match existing products on the street, or customers can select from a range of colours.

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  • Primary bench types: aluminum benches, wood benches, recycled plastic benches
  • Modular components minimize inventory
  • Adaptable to any area such as uneven grades and transit terminals
  • Three sizes are available to customize your look and offer increased capacity: mini, standard (shown), and extended.
  • Freestanding bench (optional)
  • Wood slats or recycled material slats (optional)

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