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Monarch Delta Steel specializes in the manufacturing of structural steel beams and columns, canopies, stairs, trellis, bollards, custom in-house design hangers for wood to wood connections, big timber connectors, cat walks, mezzanines, railings and guard rails, bike racks, loading bays and ramps, as well as steel for seismic upgrades such as moment frames and chevrons.

At Monarch Delta Steel, our focus is structural steel fabrication for use in the construction, renovation, and seismic upgrading of residential and commercial buildings.

We also use our fabrication experience and welding expertise to produce custom pieces designed for modern architectural design.

Structural steel fabrication is the modification of structural steel components such as wide flange beams and columns, HSS beams and columns, C-Channels and flat-bars through welding, torching and drilling. These components create the structural frames for houses, multi-family low-rise buildings, high-rises and commercial buildings of all sizes. The use of fabricated structural steel in buildings is ideal for providing durability and strength, especially in open-concept designs.

No two steel fabricating projects are the same, and we are motivated by the challenge of finding precise solutions to complex problems.

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