The Urban Series

The Urban Series is comprised of a series of aluminum extrusions that are assembled on-site providing cost-savings and flexibility for installation. These bike shelters can be populated with a variety of mainstream commercial bike racks.

All bike shelters serve the same basic need, but each shelter needs to be configured to best serve a location’s riders. At Monarch, customization extends far beyond colour selection. Our covered outdoor bike shelters are expandable and modular, meaning they can easily accommodate increased space and storage requirements. Our shelters allow for any number of enhancements to be integrated, including energy-efficient overhead lighting, map directories, wayfinding signage and ad displays.

Not sure what type of bike rack or shelter is most suitable for your next project? Our team has years of experience in finding the perfect solution for every location.

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  • Multiple side and roof substrate options including LED lighting
  • Customizations available for a variety of configurations and project needs
  • Ability to integrate a variety of mainstream, off-the-shelf bike racks and cycle storage systems
  • Full perimeter access or partial side wall enclosures that can be added and removed to suit changing environmental conditions
  • Low maintenance design for reduced ongoing costs

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